Ultra extreme shape-shifting transformer building of a zoomlion headquarters exhibition center


Transit of Venus

Wednesday 6th of June, what an amazing day it was. Here in Australia we got to see it from beginning to end. It happened around 8.00am and ended around 2.45pm. Where we live in Sydney we had the clouds covering the skies for most of the day, but when I did get a sunny chance, everynow and then,I saw the tiny planet, in comparison to the mighty sun, move across it very slowly. I did this by putting a white piece of cardboard infront of the sun and me looking at the reflection of the progress on the cardboard.
Venus transits since 1631:-
1631, 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874, 1882, 2004, 2012 and the next one would be in 2117.
The images that I took from my piece of cardboard were not very clear and so here are some images courtesy of:-

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Rotating House

Designer Chairs

The designers behind these amazing and timeless pieces of art must have been geniuses. Some of these designs are as old as 100 years, yet put them in any contemporary setting and they will speak for themselves. I love them all and what a story does each one of them have.  I have a book called Vintage Furniture, collecting & living with modern design classics by Fay Sweet, and it tells the story of so many of these masterpieces along with the artists that have made them.


This is the treasure

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Fallingwater: What a fitting name for a masterpiece.

This beautiful contemporary design from Frank Lloyd Wright, in 1935, shows how much ahead of his time he was.




The Fine Art of Fiberglass Shell Chairs


Everything that this design company from Toronto, Canada does I absolutely adore. I am totally in love.

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